Can people catch COVID-19 more than once?

We don’t know, yet. The current research shows that most people who have recovered from COVID-19 infection have antibodies to the virus in their blood. However, it remains unclear whether all COVID-19 survivors develop strong enough antibodies to protect them from catching the virus another time. There is ongoing research to find out more about antibodies and immunity to COVID-19.15

Furthermore, there are examples of viruses, like flu and the common cold, which can be caught more than once because of the way the virus changes over time. We won’t know for a while whether this can happen with COVID-19.

Therefore, even if you have recovered from a COVID-19 infection, please continue to take general protective measures such as social distancing and washing hands frequently and appropriately to prevent infection.

Remember: Even during the pandemic, do not delay

Remember: Even during the pandemic, do not delay

Getting medical help quickly can save your life – time is truly of the essence. Hospitals will do their utmost to treat you in a safe environment.