Can COVID-19 cause heart problems?

I have read that COVID-19 can cause heart problems such as heart attack or arrhythmias, is this true?

Based on the inflammatory effects of the virus, there are theoretical risks that the viral infection could cause rupture of atherosclerotic plaques (fatty deposits) in the coronary arteries, leading to acute coronary syndromes (heart attack). Individuals who experience severe chest discomfort during symptoms of Corona virus should call the health care advice team immediately.

  • Severe systemic inflammatory conditions may aggravate arrhythmias or even trigger atrial fibrillation in some individuals.
  • The acute inflammation caused by the virus infection can worsen both cardiac and kidney function

However, there is nothing you can do to prevent these problems. You should strictly follow the recommendations to prevent becoming infected such as personal distancing or even better, self-isolation, frequent hand washing, etc.

Remember: Even during the pandemic, do not delay

Remember: Even during the pandemic, do not delay

Getting medical help quickly can save your life – time is truly of the essence. Hospitals will do their utmost to treat you in a safe environment.